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Racoreria de Latón Estampado

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Calle D, Parcela 75-76
Polígono Industrial Baix Ebre
43500 Tortosa (Tarragona) SPAIN
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Discover inyectometal.com

We have created this section thinking on people like you who visit our site and can enjoy of the benefits of its original design and working way...


Like going fast?

Inyectometal.com is created mostly with HTML and HTML5 + CSS3 novel, which is complemented by optimized size images and a high performance server that makes the web, is loaded at a speed of 1mb without losing any quality in only 0.8954s.


Do you like things quick and simple?

Inyectometal.com thinking on doing things quick and simple includes the “contact button” that only in one click will call automatically to our offices by free using Skype system.

We have into account also that the visits can be done by everywhere around the world therefore you have In addition the Spanish time in order you know exactly the difference into the time and the ours.

Another important novelty is the creator of gps route, only to capture the QR code that appears on the web with your Tablet or Smartphone, you will create an automatic path from your position to us using Google Maps or the default browser of your phone.

Of course the website is created in Spanish, English and French languages, to be understood internationally.



Why is Web 2.0?
Inyectometal.com is a site that can be displayed correctly on any computer with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels, and can also be displayed correctly in Tablet and Smartphone, and for those who travel you will obtain our latest news or you'll be able to contact us only by pressing the phone number or email address to whom you want contact on.


You can also stay up to date with us through one of the most important social networks and more known worldwide: Youtube

Finally, if you come to visit our installations just typing in your browser inyectometal.com/gps from your Tablet or Smartphone you easily will obtain your gps route to us.







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